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10.00 am - Second Tuesday of the month

This group was formed in 2015 from a small waiting list held by a former Philosophy Group. We have grown in number and now hold monthly meetings at The Ram in Widcombe. All members contribute to the smooth running of the group and we rotate the chairing for each meeting.

We meet at 10:00am and aim to start at 10:15 with a discussion for 30-45 mins of a surprise topic suggested by a member according to a rota. We then move on to our main topic of the month suggested by another member on which everyone has had a week or so to think about and prepare. During our discussions we promote our views and/or endorse, refute or question those of others. The chairperson summarises. We finish at noon.

We try to alternate our main topics between those with an international and political bias and those which are of social and ethical interest. Of course there is much overlap.

We meet for 12 sessions per term and each pay approximately £2.00 per session, which provides a hot drink and a small donation to the local primary school. Our meeting room in The Ram is wheelchair accessible but the size restricts our numbers, the ideal number being about 10.

Although we now have sufficient people on our membership list (15), some are able to attend for only part of the year. Therefore we have opened a waiting list and will consider including one or two more people keen to contribute to the group. We would like to share this waiting list with the other U3A discussion groups.

If you'd like to join us or would like more information, please contact our convenor whose details are in the members' newsletter or email us at the address below. Please state in your email whether or not you are a Bath U3A member.

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