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2.00pm - Alternate Thursdays
United Reformed Church, Grove Street, central Bath

The U3A Creative Writing Group meets on a Thursday, every two weeks, from 2.00 to 4.00 pm in a comfortable room at the United Reformed Church, in Grove Street on the Laura Place side of Pulteney Bridge. As a centre-of-town location it is easily accessible by public transport, and the Podium 3-storey car park is nearby for those travelling by car.

The Group consists of 12-15 people, a diverse mix of women and men, who have in common a wish to express original thoughts either in poetry or short stories. During our meetings each Member may, if they choose, read out work they have composed, after which comments are invited. These are framed constructively, with awareness of the author's sensitivities.

Every summer we run an all-day workshop, for which we engage a professional tutor. Periodically we produce a bound anthology of work by group members which is sold at U3A meetings. Any surplus after printing costs have been met is donated to Dorothy House Hospice.

As well as serving the literary interest of members, the group has a social function. Friendships are formed, and understanding of the personalities of others in the group are deepened.

Meetings are arranged in three terms per year, each consisting of six sessions. Members are expected to make a contribution to the cost of room hire, currently £12.00 per member per term, these of course also making a contribution to the finances of the Church. If you wish to attend a meeting prior to considering joining, please call the contact number in the members' newsletter.

Creative Writing's 
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Creative Writing's Summer Workshop
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