2.00 pm - Alternate Tuesdays
The venue is: Cafe W, 1st Floor, Waterstones, Milsom Street, Bath

You would be amazed how often people think we study insects (entomology), so in 2009, we became Discovering Words.

We are a group of word enthusiasts who meet to discuss words and expressions of interest. We talk about dialects, changes in meanings over the years, words that have died out and others which seem to have sprung from nowhere. We are fascinated by the complexity, diversity and intriguing variety of words that constitute the English language. Our discussions are usually topic based and planned ahead, although there is always time to discuss anything you have come across since the last meeting. Words are traced to source either geographically or from their ethnic origins and we research them as far as we can in a lively manner with much fun and laughter. Recently we have sourced words connected with place names, modern jargon, festivals, collective nouns, idioms, catch phrases, sayings etc.

We are a small group so there is plenty of room for more members.

Join us if you like words and language, how they have changed in form and meaning over the centuries and how they are changing now. All levels of expertise are welcome but donít forget to bring along your dictionary.

Programme of Discovering Words subjects for Summer Term of 2017

 25 April    Some interesting words I found
 9 May    Insects - parts and meanings 
 23 May    Body parts - idiom and descriptions
 6 June     Animal idioms and sayings
 20 June    Prefixes
 4 July    End of term

etymology [Old French ethimologie from Latin etimologia, from Greek etumologia, from etumologos from etumon and -ology] "An account of, or the facts relating to the formation or development of a word and its meaning; the process of tracing the history of a word."
etumon [neuter singular of Greek etumos "true"]. "The true original form of a word."
-ology [from Greek logos "word; saying; discourse; account."] "A subject of study or interest; a branch of knowledge."

(entomology [Greek entomon "insect" and -ology] "The science or study of insects.")