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Philosophy 2
10.30 am - Second and fourth Wednesdays of the month
Manvers St Baptist Church

We are a small and friendly group. We are not experts: we are exploring and learning together.

Talks and discussions start at about 10.30 am but we get together for coffee or tea soon after 10.00 am. We finish at 12.00 noon. At the moment our group is as big as it can be without jeopardising good discussion.


When we started, in January 2005, the way we operated was that for each session someone volunteered to choose and present a topic, which was then followed by some discussion.

In May 2007 we started to use the book Philosophy - Basic Readings (Second Edition) edited by Nigel Warburton (Routledge, 2005). This is an anthology of writings by many different philosophers. We chose a chapter to read before each meeting, and used this as the basis for our discussion. One of us took responsibility for structuring the discussion, but there was no need for that person to prepare a presentation and there was much more time for everyone to have their say in the meeting.

From June to November 2009, we discussed some topics raised in the "Grayling's Question" column in Prospect Magazine.

For a list of the topics discussed from 2006 to 2009  click here

Since December 2009, we have been working through the main philosophers from the pre-Socratics up to the present. As a guide, we are using Philosophy - 100 Essential Thinkers by Philip Stokes (Arcturus, 2004 paperback edition) (available from AbeBooks). A good book to supplement this is History of Western Philosophy, the classic text by Bertrand Russell.

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