9.30am - Mondays weekly

This group has been in existence since September 1996 but most of the present members have joined more recently. Meetings are conducted in French - and sessions last for one and a half hours - with the emphasis on communication and include conversation on matters of interest – recent holidays, current events etc, a variety of quizzes, puzzles, crosswords, arrow puzzles etc, games, vocabulary, cartoons, jokes etc. Recent textbooks used have been “Vocabulaire progressif du Francais” by Claire Miquel (Nivean avance), “Grammaire progressif Francais” by Michele Boularez (Nivea avance) and “Communication progressif de Francais” by Claire Miquel (Nivea intermediaire), all published by Cle International. All these books contain amusing dialogues and exercises and students do homework each week based on, or in preparation for, the material studied. We also occasionally lunch together.

11.00am - Tuesday weekly

Members of this group have a good command of French. Our approach is informal, which is to say we do not study any texts, nor is homework set.

The verbal standard of individual members of the group is sufficient to enable us to engage in stimulating conversation, in the course of which we range over a variety of topics – pretty much anything that comes to mind, or which is occupying peoples’ thoughts at the time.

The atmosphere is relaxed and we enjoy the experience of chatting in French enormously.