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Gardening & Horticulture 1
2.30 pm - Fourth Monday of the month
Location varies

This is a new gardening group arising from the success of the first gardening group. Our emphasis is on active gardening. We are all enthusiastic amateur gardeners who enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience, and swapping plants. We meet in each others' gardens (indoors if it is raining) once a month to look at the gardens, discuss a seasonal topic, and ask for advice and suggestions. There will be a chance to swap plants and exchange ideas.

Our gardens are different sizes and styles. We do not expect to see immaculate show pieces - our failures and the difficulties we face are as interesting to everyone in the group as any successes.

We have a few places left so why not come and join us? You can contact Neil, our convenor, at the email address below to find out more:

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