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German (Elementary)
10:30am - Every Wednesday
Bear Flat

As the description "intermediate" implies; we all know or should know the basics and a bit of grammar. Most of us aren't worried about having a go and making lots of mistakes.

The aim is to use German all the time and the morning starts well with a cheery 'Guten Morgen' to the hosts and it ends equally well with 'auf Wiedersehen'. In between however you can hear a lot of 'I'm just saying this in English, if I may', but then that's probably a phrase familiar to all language groups.

We're lucky in that one of the group is a native speaker and that we also have a member regularly taking us through a complex grammar or idiom session. Those two things really stretch us and though it often can feel like hard mental work, there is a lot of laughter. Sometimes we read an instalment of a short detective story (not Emil!) but usually we talk in German about what we have been doing during the week or what we'd like to do or see.

This is the bit when you suddenly can't think of the most ordinary German word but remember what the one for 'danger of infection' is. This is the bit where all the grammar you've just explored is supposed to fall beautifully into place but you end up peddling datives instead of accusatives and inventing an entirely novel word order.

We also have Hausarbeit (homework) though it is never strictly enforced, thank goodness. It usually consists of making up sentences to illustrate a grammar point or just to write what you've done last month. Our native speaker member kindly corrects them in red ink and so we all receive our homework back the next week in a different colour.

It's a very friendly and gentle group, providing much encouragement when you're diffident or hesitant yet not pushing people beyond their limits. The group is appropriate for anyone who would like to resurrect their rusty school German or practise their travel vocabulary, anyone who has recently acquired a new German family member or friend or who would just like to spend an hour and a half bathing in a different linguistic sphere.

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