2.00 pm- 2nd and 4th Thursdays fortnightly
Venue: Ram Public House, Widcombe.

We are a very informal group usually discussing the week's news first and then someone will present a subject with a few facts and figures such as Sustainable Energy, GM foods, Chinese influence in Africa, Putin's Russia, Refugees, Greece, North/South divide which hopefully inspires a discussion between those present. This does not have to be a hugely researched presentation.....just an introduction of a topic which will inspire a discussion. We do have to pay a donation to charity and the cost is probably only 1 per person per session (usually six in a school term) depending on how many in the group.
Contact details in Group Schedule of U3A in Bath members' Newsletter

Summer Term 2017
The rest of the term looks like this:

Thurs 11 May Rosemary to present Whose Life is it Anyway? OR Constitutional Law (if Trump attacks North Korea)
Thurs 25 May Jon to present North Korea
Thurs 8 June Wendy to present Tradition
Thurs 22 June Any offers please??
Thurs 13 July John to present TBA

That makes six sessions when we decided to break up and reconvene in September with Michael already offering the German elections.