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Contemporary Issues
Contemporary Issues Forum
European & Current Affairs
2.00 pm - Second and fourth Thursdays
Central Bath

We are a very informal group usually discussing the week's news first and then someone will present a subject with a few facts and figures such as Sustainable Energy, GM foods, Chinese influence in Africa, Putin's Russia, Refugees, Greece, North/South divide which hopefully inspires a discussion between those present.

There is no pressure on members to research a topic and it does not have to be a hugely researched presentation
..... just an introduction to a topic which will inspire a discussion.

In normal times we meet indoors and are not charged for room hire but we do have to pay a donation to charity and the cost is probably only £1 per person per session (usually six sessions per school term) depending on how many are in the group. Since the Covid-19 outbreak we have had to move outdoors but we are doing our best to operate as usual.

Please note: Due to the nature of the group, accommodation constraints and Covid-19 restrictions we must limit our numbers and we cannot accommodate people who turn up at our meetings without prior arrangement.

We are not currently looking for new members but if anyone is interested in joining the group, please would they get in touch with the convenors, Wendy or Kath, preferably by email at the addresses indicated below:

   followed by      and  
                       followed by      and  

(The addresses are written in this way to reduce the likelihood of their being read automatically into a spam mailing database).

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