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2.00pm - 2nd Tuesday of the month
Harington Club, Harington Place, BA1 1HF (central Bath)

What is Life Writing?

Life Writing is just that. Writing about events in one's own life or the life of someone you know well, or discussing how things have changed in your lifetime; for example - transport: from trains and charabancs to high speed aircraft and super-fast cars. Projects may be inspired by diaries, family history, social conditions, memoires, snapshots, etc., and there are many ways to approach the task.

Some of our members aim to produce histories of their lives for the benefit of future family members; others want to document the way society has changed over the years, using their own lives as a reference point; others wish to use their creative writing skills to illustrate experiences and relationships in days gone by.

Different group members adopt different approaches but one thing we all have in common is the desire to produce something interesting and original and to share our work with our colleagues. We prepare a piece of work prior to each meeting and take it in turns to read it to the group, which often sparks memories and some entertaining discussion. It really is great to hear other people's life stories!

Our meetings currently last two hours so we must limit the number in the group to about ten but, if you are interested, please get in touch and arrange to join us for a taster session. If we can't accommodate you immediately we'll add you to our waiting list and, if necessary, help to start a new group.

Convenors' contact details can be found in the Newsletter.

Life Writing 2, Jan. 2018
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