2.00 to 4.00 pm - Alternate Wednesdays

The members in the group enjoy reading and discussing a wide range of poems. Each member in turn chooses a poet that they particularly admire and leads the discussion. We have a flexible time schedule for the number of sessions on any particular poet depending on interest and different aspects of the poetís work.

Our choices over time have been wide ranging, from the Love Poems and the Divine Poems of the sixteenth century John Donne, through Robert Burns, Cecil Day-Lewis and on to contemporary poets like Seamus Heaney and Tony Harrison.

From time to time we include a session where each of us brings a poem of our own choice to share with the others and this always generates lively discussion.

We meet on the 2nd Friday of each month at 10.30am and finish at about 12 midday.
Venue: We meet in a memberís house, and are therefore quite a small group. There is limited parking.

Our enjoyment is in reading poetry, classical and familiar, and also works by new poets. Some members of the group have a literary background which is a help, but not essential for the pleasure of discovering a poem which can move us, take us back to childhood, or just make us laugh. Members take it in turns to choose either a poet or a subject.

Poetry II is a small group and this makes it possible to share insights and knowledge about the poems under discussion. Each month we focus on either an individual poet, or else we take a theme as our starting point. We look at a wide range of poets, both classical and modern, and have had sessions on Andrew Motion, Dylan Thomas, Fleur Adcock, Robert Burns and several others. Our themed sessions have included animals, flight, urban life and winter. Usually members bring copies of the poems they have chosen so that the rest of the group can read as well a hear the work. All members contribute in this way and we learn from each other.

Our programme for the next three months is:

  • May Rudyard Kipling (poet)
  • June Colours (subject)
  • July The Bronte sisters (poets)
  • If you are interested in this group, please see the Newsletter for contact details.

    10.30 am - 12noon - Fourth Friday of the month

    Poetry 3 is run on the same lines as Poetry 2. There are five members, each of whom brings a poem or poems to read on a specified topic, or featuring a specified poet. Members take turns at choosing a topic or poet. They bring copies of the poems to give out, because it is better for the members to have the text in front of them in order to discuss and understand the work. For instance in February our topic was "Large Birds" : poems brought featured a wide variety of birds including barn owl, skua, falcon, swan, heron, seagull and hawk, by many poets. In March we were reading Sylvia Plath.

    In this way we widen our knowledge of poets both new and old.

    At present there are 2 vacancies.