QIGONG (chi gung)
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10.00 am - Every Monday
Manvers Street Baptist Church

Qigong (literally: life energy cultivation) has been practised in China for many centuries. It aims to regulate the breath, the posture and mental focus through learning sequences of movements called forms. It is a "low impact" exercise, and movement is designed to be safe and enjoyable.

Our Qigong group was formed in March 2018 and we currently have about twelve members. We started by learning some simple warm-up and a form or sequence called Ba Duan Jin. A few new members joined when we moved on to a new sequence in May and we would be pleased to see more new members when we commence our next sequence in September.

If you'd like to join us or would like more information, please contact Christine, our convenor, whose details are in the members' newsletter. You can also email us at the address below, but please state in your email whether or not you are a Bath U3A member.

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Qigong group in action - June 2018
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