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2.00pm - 1st Friday of the month

The Reading group reads mainly but not exclusively modern novels. The only restriction is the length of the novel, it has to be of a size that can be comfortably read in a month - so War and Peace is out! The novels do not have to be by British authors but, if by foreign authors, they must be available in English translation.

We read one novel a month and novels are nominated for reading by all members of the group. The Convenor usually compiles a list for about 12 - 18 months and asks for further nominations just before that is completed.

Our discussions are informal, there are no presentations and the person nominating the novel does not have to speak first. Discussions are friendly and quite lively and opinions about the novel are candidly given. The convenor writes: "Speaking personally but probably for other members of the Group, I have always enjoyed the discussions and quite often changed my mind about a book because of them."

We meet on the first Friday afternoon of each month in Bathford, at the convenor's house to discuss the novel read in the previous month. Meetings last about two hours, refreshments are provided. Attendance is usually good, most members attend most meetings. Bathford is quite easily accessed by the number 3 bus.

If you are interested in this group, please see the Newsletter for contact details.

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