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New Group Membership reporting system

In future group convenors should send a report by email to the Secretary with a list of their group’s members and membership numbers, to confirm that cards have been checked and memberships are current.

This should be submitted in December each year.


... to recruit a new Groups Organiser.
Anne has taken over the Chair's job and can’t do the Groups Organiser’s job too.

Please contact Anne.

Tues. 5th May
Marlborough College

"Climate Change
and Sustainable Futures"
The causes, impacts on society and possible solutions.

A one-day conference for regional U3A members and members of the College.
For details click here

The following
NEW GROUPS are planned or have recently been formed:

Gardening & Horticulture
Contemporary Issues 2
Beginners' German 2
Chinese History
Hiking 4
American Literature
Italian Beginners

See the newsletter or contact the Groups Organiser for details.

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