The U3A in Bath has suspended all activities until further notice.

Members should follow the guidance documents referenced below to combat the spread of the disease, but are encouraged to keep in touch with each other by non-physical means such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, telephone trees, etc.

The following websites provide up-to-date instructions and guidance from the Government and NHS:

Government instructions - What you need to do:

NHS advice for everyone:

The following may be of interest if you wish to check information you come across in the media or doubt the veracity of statements made by the POTUS:

Full Fact - UK fact checking website:

Snopes - US fact checking website:

Missing your holidays? Travel the world in your armchair: - Amazing places you can visit without leaving home

U3A in Bath Newsletter

We have distributed a special COVID-19 edition of the newsletter and will publish further newsletters as circumstances permit. The editor would be pleased to receive items describing members' experiences and reflections on the situation. Please send your items to

You can download a PDF version of this notice, but be aware that it may quickly become out-of-date and for the latest information you should always refer to this website.

Date posted: 06-04-2020