How has COVID-19 changed the places we shop?

Our local high streets and town centres are changing
 ● COVID-19 is accelerating everything
 ● We want to understand the changes so we can play our part in shaping the future of our high streets

Will you help us to record the changes?
 ● We'd like members to visit their local high streets, note down details of shops and other premises and take photos so we can establish a baseline of businesses active in March 2020
 ● You can then revisit them in 18 months’ time and record any changes
 ● You may also like to send us memories and stories of what these streets were like in days past

Your information will inform the Third Age Trust's report, planned for 2022
 ● The idea was developed before COVID-19 struck but the pandemic has made it even more urgent than before so we need to get started now
 ● We’d like as many volunteers as possible to start work as soon as possible!

Why not join with friends to form a joint study group?
 ● We hope that members' participation will encourage local U3As to develop their own Shared Learning Projects, understanding more about their local shopping streets – Past, Present and Future

If you’d like to be involved please register now using this Registration Form
 ● You can complete the form on your computer and submit it automatically

For more information please contact the Project Leader, Michaela Moody: michaela.moody@u3a.org.uk

Read the U3A Trust's complete notice

Date posted: 31-08-2020