Research Projects looking for Volunteers


University of Bath

Help us study exercise snacking and Tai-chi as an alternative to the gym for stronger muscles and healthy ageing.

Learn more about exercise to improve strength, and your own leg muscle strength, by taking part in our latest health study.

During the ageing process, muscles get smaller and weaker which may lead to frailty. Strength training in the gym is regarded as the best way to keep muscles strong, but we are exploring ways to increase strength outside the gym.

Through this new study our researchers want to understand more about how a home‑based exercise snacking regime and Tai-chi works to improve muscle strength. You will be asked to visit the University 3 times over a two-week period and be shown how to do new exercises by a trained instructor to try at home.

The researchers hope that these findings can help older adults who want to improve or maintain muscle strength choose the right exercise to suit their lifestyle and needs.

For more details and to express interest please contact Ian-Ju Liang on 07935 859845 or

The project has been approved by the ethics committee - references: EP18/19 105/109.

Date posted: 20-02-2020