Public Lecture 1st October 2015

The Shared History of Britain and Poland

SPEAKER: Witold Sobkow, The Polish Ambassador

We wrote to the Ambassador saying that we believed that the contributions made by the Polish people to British life are not sufficiently well understood. We said we could immediately think of significant dates like 1683 and the siege of Vienna; the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 which is hardly known over here but which was a seminal event in European History; the contribution made to British defence during the second world war, well known of course but not so well known is the shameful refusal of the British Government to allow Polish participation in the victory parades. Our history is intertwined and in spite of some difficulties, Poland and Britain are allies in the European Union.

We asked the Ambassador to celebrate our joint interests and give his view on the current state of affairs in the world. We have also invited Polish residents living in Bath to attend and the Leader of the Council is expected to be present.

The Ambassadorís biographical details are here:


The Leader of the Council, Tim Warren and the MP, Ben Howlett will also attend.