Public Lecture 7th September 2017

The Blitz and The Sack, how one led to the other

SPEAKER: Dr Cathryn Spence

Dr Cathryn Spence, Curator of Archives at the American Museum, is a museum professional, published author, regular lecturer and heritage consultant.
She has published five books and countless articles on the history of Bath, including Bath in the Blitz: Then and Now (History Press, 2012).

When Director of the Building of Bath Museum (now the Museum of Bath Architecture), Cathryn curated a number of exhibitions that dealt specifically with post war Bath, including "If you want to keep Georgian artisan's houses, then you will have to find Georgian artisans to live in them": Crisis Collecting and the Coards and Poetry in Stone: Betjeman on Bath.

In this lecture Cathryn will bring together her extensive knowledge of the Blitz on Bath and how that paved the way for the period known as "The Sack of Bath".