Public Lecture 1st March 2018

Rome's greatest defeat: Massacre in the German forests


In AD 9, three Roman legions were wiped out in a masterful ambush by German tribesmen. The defeat sent shockwaves through the empire.

Ben Kane will recount the fascinating history behind his trilogy of novels set at the time, including the illuminating archaeological finds at the Kalkriese archaeological site, which some historians believe to be the original battlefield.


Kenya born, Irish by blood and UK resident, Ben Kane's passion for history has seen him change career from veterinary medicine to writing and taken him to more than sixty countries, and all seven continents. During his travels and subsequent research, including walking hundreds of miles in complete Roman military gear, he has learned much about the Romans and the way they lived.

Nine of his eleven novels have been Sunday Times top ten bestsellers, and his books are published in twelve languages; a million copies have sold worldwide.
He lives in Somerset with his wife and children, where he writes full time.