Public Lecture 6th September 2018

Natural Quarry: a photographic insight into a working quarry in Somerset

SPEAKER: David Boag

The Quarry Mouse David writes: "When I was asked to photograph, write and design a book about the wildlife and natural beauty of a working quarry in Somerset I was reluctant to say the least! I knew quarries were places that destroyed the environment and were rubbish for wildlife, but I had never been so wrong.

It turned out to be an amazing project but also quite a significant challenge, because working in that environment is nothing if not difficult. I was quickly to discover a wealth of indigenous wild plants, which lead to a profusion of insects. In turn they encouraged birds, and predators were soon to follow.

I have never seen the web of life so well illustrated as in that quarry."


The Speaker: David Boag David is a wildlife photographer, author and lecturer with eighteen published books to his name. He lectures to a wide variety of natural history, photographic and general interest audiences. He has spoken at major conferences for organisations such as the National Trust, RSPB, British Trust for Ornithology and the Royal Photographic Society.

He has taught photography to both photographic degree and wildlife illustration students with the principal aim of making everything easy and achievable, producing a popular series of tutorial DVDs in the process. Photographic commissions have taken him to places far and wide, including Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and the commission to document the wildlife of the Somerset quarry resulted in further projects in Britain and Ireland and three years in the USA!