Public Lecture 5 January 2017

Challenges of Farming in Somerset: Where do we go from here?

SPEAKER: Becky Jam

Becky Jam has her roots firmly grounded in the countryside; born into a Yorkshire farming family she spent most of her early years in wellies before graduating from Harper Adams University College with a degree in Land Management. Qualifying as a rural chartered surveyor in 1993 she went on to spend over 20 years working for a wide range of organisations and individuals from the Government's nature conservation body (now Natural England) to the Duke of Westminster. 

  Becky now runs her own boutique bed and breakfast and catering business from home in Somerset. An avid gardener, 'foodie' and still very much in wellies, she remains a passionate advocate of the countryside and the communities it supports. She is also an active volunteer with the Farming Community Network, a charity which offers pastoral support to farming families in crisis.

  Brief Notes -  

Becky's presentation aims to give a thought provoking exploration of the challenges of farming today, in Somerset. Based on a number of case studies, her presentation will illustrate the threats and opportunities across a number of farm types typical to Somerset and will conclude with a provocative look at the future.  (NB, to protect anonymity the case studies are fictional albeit based on Becky's experiences and any views expressed are personal).