Public Lecture 5th May 2016

Museum of Bath at Work

SPEAKER: Stuart Burroughs - Director of the Museum of Bath at Work

Our speaker writes: I am presently director of the Museum of Bath at Work, and have been since the 1990s; and this year I was elected Chairman of the Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society.

During my time at the Museum of Bath at Work we have widened the museum's remit remit from 19th century manufacturing industry to the commercial development of the city and its hinterland in general.

The industrial museum has become a local and social history museum. A Bathonian, any interests I do have include all aspects of local and natural history and in 2004 I wrote Stothert & Pitt: Cranemakers to the Worldwith Ken Andrews on the subject of Bath’s most famous manufacturing company.

Other interests include French New Wave films of the 1960s, maps and modernist architecture. I am a 'just retired' member of the Bath School of Samba, an enthusiatic bell ringer at Bathampton Church and, on a musical theme, in 1992 released, with other members of The NBOs (winner of the Swindon Battle of the Bands competiton in 1991) a 7" single on Colander Records.(signed copies are still available but are running out fast. Hurry, hurry!).

Museum professionals are, I think, public servants - whether they are in the public or independent sector. That is to say we are beholden to present, educate and inform all those who visit or enquire of us, as a unique and valuable service. We are also servants of the public in that we have a responsibility to represent what they would like to see in museums. As director of a museum of local history, it is unthinkable that we would not involve local communities in the creation of exhibitions, of a local nature, and do so whenever we can. Not least because they often know more about a local district than we do.