Public Lecture 6 November 2014

Making radio: Producing a documentary on a worldwide mapping movement

SPEAKER: Clare Salisbury
Radio Production Co-ordinator, Journalist

The talk will  describe the process of putting the programme together; including such aspects as seeking out sources, interviewing and verifying, editing including what was discarded and why and so on. In the process we will also learn about some amazing work done to help those responding to such events.

  Worked in BBC Radio Production, based in Bristol since Spring 2013. She is a Production Co-ordinator working on programmes including The Food programme, Food and Farming Awards 2014, Documentaries for BBC Radio 3 + new BBC Radio 4 series: History of Ideas. She also produced her first documentary feature: Mapping the Void and forthcoming poetry feature on Dorset poet William Barnes (due to air in November 2014)

Before this she worked as a journalist in local radio– mainly BBC Radio Norfolk, also BBC Radio Bristol, Lincolnshire and Kent. Also produced one off features for World Service

MA in Multimedia Broadcast Journalism at University of Falmouth. She won an award for a documentary she produced during the course about mobile phone technology and small scale farmers in Kenya and Ethiopia

BA in English at University of Sussex. – Head of News at university radio station URF.