Public Lecture 7 November 2013

What Happens When We Run Out Of Oil?

Chris Rhodes

Professor Rhodes will give an overall view of the peak oil problem and the lack of any technological fix to the consequent liquid fuels crisis. After discussing resource supply problems in general, he will move onto the media hype over fracking etc. compared to true levels of gas and oil that might be exhumed, and then to the shortages of metals such as rare elements for electric cars and wind turbines.

He will conclude that, as a result, technology isnít going to be our salvation and so we need to adapt our behaviour, leading to thinking locally and Transition Towns as the final optimistic solution.

Professor Chris Rhodes is Director of Fresh-lands Environmental Actions and is based in Reading. He has written numerous scientific articles and recently published his first novel which is a black comedy on the disintegration of the British university system.

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