New Group: Times and Venues varies; Meetings are held once a month

"Fun for all" sounds good, but "share in the fun" sounds better. It's sometimes possible to enjoy something like the Fireworks display, as one in a crowd - you may not know the people next to you, but you can often share your joy with them. But it's even better when you're all members of the same group.

It's the same with lots of things like seeing a play, visiting a garden, having some sort of game - you can share your enjoyment (or even your dismay) more if you have a companion or two. If you're ever on your own for some activity (e.g. your spouse can't stand tennis), or are by yourself for a while, it's not always easy to find someone to go with. Hence this new Group.

A few of us have come up with a fairly easy and flexible way to get together with others for particular activities, without being focussed exclusively on one specific sort of activity. It's a bit like the U3A Active Adventurers Group, only less scary perhaps!

We have a constantly-changing "bucket list" of possible activities. These can be added to by email or at a monthly lunch. Then if you'd like to go in for one with some of the others, just express an interest by email or get in touch with whoever was first to do so, and go from there. It could be just comparing notes in the interval of a play, or sharing transport and entrance to some interesting place, or even going on holiday. Not everyone can get to one of our lunches (or want to), hence communication by email.

Contact information can be found at the bottom of page 5 of the December 2016 Members' Newsletter or phone 312568.