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Bird Watching 2
9.00 am - First Tuesday of the month

This group visits beautiful places to study birds, their habits and their environment in all seasons of the year.

Meetings are held year-round and may be full-day or half-day. We try to share transport whenever possible and for the longer trips we normally stop for a picnic or a pub lunch.

We normally meet on the first Tuesday of the month but with an occasional second trip during interesting periods. Dates of coastal visits may be altered to suit the tides.

About 80% of trips are to places within approximately 1 hour's driving time from Bath. People on the side of Bath nearest the destination tend to go straight there, the remainder meet and those wanting to (the majority) work out car sharing. Some like to picnic but most trips include a pub lunch for socializing and comfort stop.


 ● To learn how to identify birds.
 ● To find out how the seasons affect birds.
 ● To see the relationship of birds to their environment.
 ● To discover how natural rhythms such as the tides affect birds.
 ● To learn something about bird migration.
 ● To visit a ringing station and see how bird populations are monitored.


To visit nature reserves and various types of habitat throughout the year in order so that a practical knowledge can be built up. If the weather conditions are particularly bad a lecture may be given.


None, absolute beginners are welcome. It is recommended that those without binoculars (bins) should not buy any until they have taken part in at least one trip, during which they should ask advice and also try various models in the field. Telescopes are nice to have but are far less important than bins which the leaders will have anyway. Guide books are required but there are a great number of very poor ones on sale so ask the leaders for advice before purchase.


Warm waterproof clothing is essential and normally some spare should be carried. Good walking shoes are suitable most of the time but occasionally walking boots or wellingtons may be required.


Individuals may take their own cars but as far as possible the group employs car sharing. Passengers should respect other people's cars and share in petrol costs.


Where possible there will be a pub lunch for both refreshment and a comfort stop. This does not bar the taking of sandwiches and in some cases a picnic will be part of the outing.


 ● The countryside and foot paths can be uneven and stiles may be slippery so members are responsible for their own safety.
 ● Anyone requiring medicine or other special things like sugary drinks will be responsible for supplying and carrying the items they need.
 ● Anyone with a particular problem such as diabetes or epilepsy should inform the leader or some other person in the party.
 ● No one should leave a party without informing the leader(s).
 ● People should give the leader their home telephone number and mobile phone number. Mobile phones (if owned) should be carried.
 ● On some outings the party may be split to allow those with mobility problems to take a less challenging route.

Bird Watching Programme for 2018
2 Jan. Chew Valley
Pub lunch
Map 172
ST 571 581
6 Feb. West Sedgemoor (Meet at Maple Grove at 0830)
Pub Lunch
Map 193
ST 381 264
6 Mar. Forest of Dean (meet at New Fancy Lookout Point)
Pub lunch
Map 162
SO 627 095
3 Apr. Swell's Wood
Pub lunch
Map 193
ST 362 238
1 May Portland Bill (Meet at Maple Grove at 08.30)
Map 194, SY 668 754
(Chesil Beach Centre)
15 May Westhay
Pub lunch
Map 182
ST 456 437
5 Jun. Nagshead
Map 162
SO 606 085
3 Jul. Langford Lakes
Map 184
SU 038 371
7 Aug. Hamwall
Pub lunch
Map 182
ST 449 397
4 Sept. Chew Valley (Ringing Station)
Pub lunch
Map 172
ST 571 581
18 Sept. Blashford Lake
(Meet at Maple Grove at 08.30, Entrance Fee to reserve)
Map 195
SU 151 083
2 Oct. Newport
Pub lunch
Map 171
ST 334 834
6 Nov. Slimbridge
Pub lunch
Map 162
SO 723 048
4 Dec. Meeting to discuss programme (10.30 at 24 Maple Grove)
Christmas lunch
8 Jan. 2019 Chew Valley
Pub lunch
Map 172
ST 571 581

Note: The group meets outside 24 Maple Grove, Bath BA2 3AF at 09.00. Those who wish to meet at the venue (Landranger map numbers and grid refs shown) should inform the group convenor, Jean Melksham, beforehand.

The group welcomes new members; those wishing to join should contact the group convenor, Jean Melksham (contact details in the U3A newsletter).

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