10.00am for a 10.15 start - Second Thursday of the month

Group photo of Countryside Group 1

About the Countryside Walking Group

Countryside Walking Group 1 is a group of members who enjoy not-too-strenuous monthly walks. We do 3-4˝ mile walks, mainly within a 10 miles radius of Bath at venues previously agreed. Occasionally we go further afield, and usually finish with a pub lunch.

We achieve a varied and interesting programme by sharing the leadership of the walks. In January we meet to discuss where we are going to walk in the coming year, and who is going to lead each month. We ask for volunteers in pairs – two for each walk (a leader and a back-stop).

We are an easy-going and friendly group; we like to pause and enjoy the scenery, look at buildings, examine plants and flowers, identify birds as we go along, and always rest after climbing a steep hill. We carry a snack and drink. We walk along footpaths through fields, bridleways and quiet lanes. The only agility test we have is to be able to get over stiles, and we do also need to be able to walk up to 4 (and very occasionally 4˝) miles in 2 ˝ hours, so that we do not keep a pre-ordered pub-lunch waiting.

Our Membership:

Countryside Group I has a limit of 24 active members. We regard this as a sensible number as it normally results in about 14 members participating in one walk. More than that and the queues for getting over stiles become extended. The number walking also affects where we can arrange to go for lunch. We mostly use smaller country pubs, where food is generally cooked to order, and a large party could easily overload kitchen and bar staff to the detriment of locals and ourselves.

We welcome interest in the Group, and currently have one vacancy.

10.00am for a 10.15 start - First Friday of the month

Countryside Walking Group 2 was formed in 2011 when the original group had reached optimal numbers and a waiting list was building up. We operate in a similar fashion to Group 1 (see details above), walking within about ten miles of Bath city centre, meeting at 10.00am and walking for 2-3 hours, with the start and finish at our lunch venue. Most of us enjoy the lunches as much as the walking.

We expect each member to lead a walk once a year so, with eleven walks and about twenty-two members, we can work in pairs to research and lead a walk. When planning our year's programme an established member will usually offer to lead a walk with one of the newer members, so nobody needs to worry about leading a walk. We try to minimise the group convenor's work by having two convenors with one retiring every year, so each convenor serves for two years. This ensures that nobody need worry that the convenor's job is a job for life.

At the moment we have more than twenty members so are not looking for new people, but two or three leave each year so, if you'd like to walk on a Friday, we may have a vacancy.

Group photo of Countryside Group 2

10.00am for a 10.15 start - Third Monday of the month

Countryside Walking Group 3 (CWG3) was formed after the U3A Open Day in 2012.

We operate along the same lines as Groups 1 & 2 (see above).
We hold a planning meeting in January to decide on the year’s programme and all members are encouraged to plan a walk, usually in pairs.

Our walks usually take about 2hrs 30 mins, and are up to 5 miles in length. We currently have vacancies for some new members so, if you'd like to join us, please contact our convenor, Anne, whose contact details are in the Newsletter

Anne looking lost

We walk on the 3rd Monday of the month (avoiding bank holidays), at 10am for a 10.15 start.

Our walks are mostly circular and start and end at a pub or other eating place usually within a 10 miles radius of Bath, although we occasionally venture slightly further afield.

Members are contacted by email each month with details of the walk because we do not coincide with publication of the newsletter.

If you are interested in this group, please see the newsletter for contact details.

10.00am for a 10.15 start – Third Thursday of the month


Group 4 was formed after the U3A Open Day in 2014. We walk on the third Thursday of the month, working along the same lines as the other groups.

We are a friendly group and if you would like to walk with us on a Thursday morning to give us a try, please contact our convenor.

The telephone number is in the monthly newsletter under the heading "Schedule of Groups".

10.00am for a 10.15 start – Fourth Friday of the month

Paulton Basin

The newest of the Countryside Walking groups, we were formed after the U3A Open Day in 2016. We operate in a similar manner to the existing groups, meeting at 10.00am at a location within ten miles of Bath, walking for two to three hours and ending up back at the starting point for lunch.

Members (working in pairs) are expected to plan and lead a walk once a year. Since forming we've been supported by several members of the other Countryside Walking groups but we are now sufficiently experienced to strike out on our own. We have about twenty members so far and would welcome anyone who'd like to give it a try.

See the newsletter for contact details.