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2.00 pm - Every Tuesday
Central Bath

Esperanto is a planned language, intended as a universal second language to enable people all over the world to communicate. It was designed by Dr Zamenhof who introduced it in 1887 under the pseudonym of Doktoro Esperanto, meaning "One who hopes". It has had a steady following ever since. There is both original and translated literature and poetry in the language and the speakers are widely distributed throughout the globe. More information about its history and present day usage can be found at

Esperanto speakers are able to stay with others all over the world through the hospitality network Pasporta Servo see

The present members of the group have been studying for 3 years now and would welcome new members. If there are any Esperantists out there, in the U3A, however much or little you remember, do get in touch - phone 01225 874160 - we meet in Bath on a Tuesday afternoon.

For interested people new to Esperanto, there is a 12 lesson free correspondence course which gives an introduction to the grammar. We would help you, but we are not teachers. However there is a website Lernu, from which it is possible to learn a lot. There are other forms of study, such as weekend and longer courses in the UK and Europe and even further afield.

Do get in touch and maybe come along and see us.

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