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10.30 am - First Tuesday of the month

Hiking Group 2 started in 2013 following the previous Open Day. We inherited the excellent set of rules and guidance developed by Hiking Group 1 - please see their entry for this information.

We meet on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month throughout the year and our average walk length is about 6.5 miles. To increase the variety of locations we car-share to the start points rather than relying on public transport.

As details of walks are given by email (the timing is wrong for the Newsletter publication deadlines), members need to use email!

As with the other walking groups it is essential that everyone takes part in leading a walk, approximately once a year, and we strongly encourage members to find partners for trialling the walks before the actual group walk takes place. This is for safety reasons - and also because it is more fun than doing it alone!

Our group size is limited to 20.

If you are interested in this group, please see the Newsletter for contact details

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