10.00 am - Alternate Wednesdays

We are a friendly democratic group with a relaxed and flexible view of history. We start each session with a coffee.

At the first meeting each year we decide which period in history we wish to examine in detail during the coming year. We then look at our chosen period in great detail over the ensuing months, with each member taking responsibility for a different aspect of it, political, economic, social etc. We then devote a session, or sometimes more than one session, to each of these aspects, with a group member starting the proceedings with a presentation detailing his/her research, after which there is a general discussion.

2.00 pm - Thursdays fortnightly
Venue: Manvers Street Church Rooms

This group meets every fortnight at 2pm in Manvers Street Church Rooms.

We are currently looking at British History, beginning in the Bronze Age, and aiming to finish at the end of the Plantagenets. After that, the decision will be taken as to the next area of research.

Members choose a topic from a list of suggestions or propose their own and prepare a talk lasting approximately 40 minutes. Each meeting involves two speakers and there is always a lively discussion!

This is a friendly group, and new members are welcome.

The autumn term ends with Christmas lunch!
If you are interested, please contact Christopher Turner phone number in the Newsletter.