Level 1 - Beginners:   Monthly, Monday afternoons or Tuesday mornings, various locations (central Bath)

Level 2 - Beginners:   Monthly, Thursday mornings, various locations (central Bath)

Intermediate:   Monthly, Thursday mornings, St. Stephen's church foyer, Lansdown

Advanced:   Monthly, Wednesday afternoons, various locations (central Bath)

In addition to our established Beginners group, two new Beginners groups, Level 1, have recently been formed.

The Level 1 groups use the Cambridge Latin Course Book 1; Level 2 uses Cambridge Latin Course Book 2 and the Intermediate group uses Cambridge Latin Course Book 3

The Advanced Group

The aim of the Advanced group is to read, with copious background material and discussion, major Classical authors and to acquire a first-hand knowledge of the Ancient World.

Knowledge of the language is the limiting factor as it is not possible to read the books without it. It is possible to have worthwhile encounters with Classical literature in translation, but that is a different experience.

Bath is one of very few U3A's wih Latin and Greek groups. Classical literature was written to be read aloud, even privately, as well as in public, a practice analogous to Literature Festivals now, so it is an enhancement of pleasure to be able to read in company. There are so many major Classical authors that it is hard to choose. In the recent past we have read some Cicero and Virgil.

Our numbers are growing and we hope we can cater for anyone interested in Latin and learning about the Ancient World, at whatever level they may be. If you think you may like to join us, our contact details can be found in the newsletter