10.30 am - Alternate Fridays

This group has been in existence since the beginnings of U3A in Bath. The present convenor took over in 1990 and the format and purpose of the group has remained more or less the same since, with the membership naturally changing over the years but the numbers averaging 12. As we read mainly three act plays we take two sessions for a reading and if the play merits it, some discussion afterwards. Our aim is enjoyment and the opportunity for those who enjoy reading to do so in a congenial and uncritical atmosphere. Choice of play, decided amongst us, has provided a wide range from Greek tragedies and Shakespeare to Neil Simon and Michael Frayn, and plays such as Lady Windermere`s Fan and Alan Bennett`s Habeous Corpus.

2.00 pm - Alternate Thursdays (opposite weeks to Play Reading I)

We are a group of 8 – 10 (2 male, 6 female) which would benefit from more male voices. We read a wide variety of plays, swapping parts to give each reader a share of ‘star’ parts and ‘bit players’. We read in armchair comfort with no risk of stage fright or age restraint or even gender restriction! It is a means of being somebody else for 2 hours.

We aim to read a complete play in each session. This is followed by tea, during which we can discuss the play. Play reading provides an opportunity to be someone else for a while, often someone of a different age and sometimes of the opposite sex. We enjoy this, and the need to come in on cue and react to what is happening keeps our minds active and alert.

We meet in our leader’s home fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon for about 2 hours. Tea and biscuits and playset hire from the library cost about £2 per session.

If you are interested in joining our group, please see the details in the U3A monthly News Letter.

3rd Mondays monthly