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Our members offer a wide variety of groups and activities. U3A groups exist because of the members, our ethos is to share – expertise, ideas, a helping hand, so if you are prepared to get involved, rather than sit back and leave it to others, then we shall continue to prosper. The best way of enjoying your interests can often be by sharing them with others.

You can see a list of our groups and get details of each group by clicking on ‘Individual Group Details’ in the menu above.

The groups are informal and friendly and the social element is always an important part. We are always happy if a member wants to start a new group, maybe because a group is full, or because they have a good idea which they would like to share. Our monthly Newsletter (only available to members) gives up to date information about start-ups and contact details for existing groups. If you have any enquiries, please email the Groups Organiser.

Groups meet in a variety of venues, often in each other’s homes, so this can have a limiting effect on numbers. We generally give the host a small contribution at each meeting, however if meeting s take place in community facilities, then the group members will have to cover the cost of the hire between them.

We normally hold an annual Open Morning in October.
For a slide show of the 2015 event, which was also part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations
– please CLICK HERE

If you specifically want to learn a particular foreign language and there are no immediate vacancies in one of our groups, you could consider the Foreign Languages Centre at the University of Bath. The university also organises lectures and provides access to their arts, sports and leisure facilities under the community involvement programme.

There are also courses in a wide variety of subjects run by the Workers' Educational Association and Bath College.

In 2009 and 2012, U3A in Bath put on public exhibitions in which groups displayed their activities
Archive photos of the 2009 exhibition CLICK HERE. and the 2012 exhibition CLICK HERE

. For Group Convenor Information Notes and Instructions for Starting New Groups - CLICK HERE

For Equipment held for use by groups (5th May 2016) - CLICK HERE
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