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Joining at a Coffee Morning and Monthly Lecture

The coffee morning preceding our monthly lecture is a good opportunity to come and meet us, without obligation, before joining. There will be people there to answer your questions and if you decide to join, you can do so there and then. Membership forms will be available for you to fill in but you may wish to save time by downloading a form from the bottom of this web page and typing in your data before printing the form and bringing it with you. Details for doing this are given in the next section below. Please read these.

You can also stay for the lecture if you wish. If you have decided to join, it will be free. Non-members are welcome at the lectures but they are invited to make a donation of £2 for each lecture.

Joining by Post

You can also join by sending a completed membership form and cheque by post to the membership secretary. A membership form can be obtained by scrolling down and clicking the link at the bottom of this web page but PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING NOTES.

• After clicking the link at the bottom of the page, the form will appear in a new window. You can fill it in on screen by typing in the information requested. Note that the number of characters you can enter on each line is limited. Then click the Print Form button or use the File menu on your browser to print the form. If the full width of the form is not printed, please use Page Setup to reduce the margins. If you are unable to print the form correctly, you can email (see Contacting Us) your name and address and we will post an application form to you.

• The membership fee is £15 for one person or £30 for two people at the same address (i.e.: joint membership). The U3A membership year ends on 30th September. (If you join on or after 1st July, your membership will not need renewing until September of the following year.)

PLEASE NOTE: Members' Newsletters are normally emailed if you include an email address. However, by ticking the Newsletter box on the form, you can request that your Newsletter be printed and sent by post. Because this service is considerably more expensive, there is a £15 surcharge that is added to the membership fee.

• Please make cheques payable to U3A in Bath.

• If you are a UK taxpayer, please sign and date the Gift Aid Declaration (IMPORTANT - SEE NOTE BELOW).

• Send the completed form and cheque to the Membership Secretary.

Gift Aid Declaration

If you are a tax payer (Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax paid to the Inland Revenue, PAYE deducted from earnings or pension, or tax deducted from dividends or other interest received) U3A in Bath can benefit from the recovery of the standard rate of tax on your subscription ie. we can recover 28p for every pound subscribed.

In order that we may claim this tax refund, unless you do not pay tax, please sign the Gift Aid Declaration on the membership form. In the case of a joint subscription, if only one member is a taxpayer then that member should complete the declaration.