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  A monthly open meeting at the pavilion  

Our monthly coffee morning and lecture is held at The Pavilion*, North Parade, Bath BA2 4EU, usually on the first Thursday in each month. It does not take place in August. Our AGM is now held in June. Coffee or tea and biscuits can be purchased from 9.45am to 10.30am, and at 10.30am, following coffee, an outside speaker gives a talk on a subject of general interest. This usually lasts about an hour with questions afterwards.

Non-members are welcome but they are invited to make a donation of 2 to help defray our costs. Those wishing to join can do so at the meeting.

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    Recent and Future Talks    
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6th September 2018
Natural Quarry: a photographic insight into a working quarry in Somerset
David Boag
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4th October 2018
Corn Law Repeal: Echoes of Today?
Sean Magee
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1st November 2018
Public transport in Bath, thinking outside the box
James Freeman
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6th December 2018
Whence from? Numbers and calendars (talk in two parts with questions between each part)
Nick Lennard
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3rd January 2019
Richelieu: The Cardinal and his "city"
Brian Freedland
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7th February 2019
Conflict in the Pacific: the aftermath
Michael Pitts
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4th April 2019
Phalanx versus Legion: the Roman invasion of Greece, 200 BC
Ben Kane
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5th July 2018
Eggs or anarchy: Feeding the nation at war
William Sitwell
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7th June 2018
Benjamin Britten: Memories and variations
George Odam
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3rd May 2018
Pulteney Bridge: Who would have believed it?
Michael Rowe
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5th April 2018
The Reformation: How is it Bath Abbey survived?
Jeremy Key Pugh
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1st March 2018
Rome's greatest defeat: Massacre in the German forests
Ben Kane
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1st February 2018
The Rise and Fall of the Portuguese Empire
Christopher Massy-Beresford
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4th January 2018
Swastika over Guernsey
Richard Bush
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7th December 2017
The Second "Norman Conquest" and why it (only just) failed: the Story of "King" Louis I, William Marshal and 1217 - the Year That Saved England
Sean McGlynn
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2nd November 2017
Prof. Mike Danson, University of Bath
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5th October 2017
Robotics and the likes of us
Dr Praminda Caleb-Solly
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7th September 2017
The Blitz and The Sack, how one led to the other
Cathryn Spence
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13th July 2017
The Transatlantic Balloon Race and More
Rob Bayly
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1st June 2017
Saving Britain's art treasures: the Corsham effect
Nick McCamley
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4th May 2017
Music in every home, how it all started
Gordon Bartlett
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6th April 2017
Bath Abbey Footprint Project
Charles Curnock
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9th March 2017
The New Solar System
Roger Moses
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2nd February 2017
The Aust to Beachley Ferry (the rescue of the Severn Princess)
Tim Ryan
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